Dr. Frank Roach has given the overview of the teeth whitening treatment

Nowadays, staining and yellowing of teeth are one of the common problems among the people, who are addicted to coffee,tea, and even cola, especially for those, who smoke and eat tobacco products on their regular life. Dr. Frank Roach further added that stained or yellowed teeth can even damper your charming smile.

To overcome the problem of stains and yellowing of teeth, you can opt for the teeth whitening treatment as it is one of the popular methods of bringing your charming smile back.

He further added that previous methods that were used for whitening your teeth are quite underdeveloped and harsh. Sometimes, it often causes tooth sensitivity due to corrosion of the enamel and it can even lead to other oral or health problems as the chemicals that were used in this treatment were not safe. But, the modern Teeth-whitening Treatment is extremely gentle and it smoothly removes the stains that are present on the teeth.

What is the duration of the Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Generally, tooth whitening will get completed within 30 minutes says Frank Roach Atlanta and if you are going for a common tooth bleaching, then the dentist will put the gel for 30-40 minutes and then clean it off before you leave. The regular procedure involves the intake of three to five sessions and you will see the effective result after two to three sessions.

The details of the procedure, and the amount of time that it will take will depends on your specific requirements and various other factors that include your dental health, the amount of staining and the kind of whitening method you have opted for.

When to take this treatment?  

If you wanted to whiten your yellow teeth or you want to remove the stains that are present on your teeth,then you can opt for this treatment.

If you are under the age of 13 and is suffering from a gum disease that affects your oral health then you should not opt for this procedure.


What are the guidelines that need to be followed after taking the treatment?

After taking the treatment, Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta says that a person has to follow the step in order to get a long-lasting result,which includes:-

·       Brush your teeth regularly and thoroughly

·       Make use of fluoride toothpaste

·       Avoid the intake of sugary and stain-causing foods and beverages as much as possible.

·       Visit your dentist for a regular checkup